Shailene Woodley goes full cray at the 2016 InStyle Awards

Posted on October 26, 2016

Shailene Woodley attends the 2016 InStyle Awards presented by InStyle at Getty Center in Los Angeles, California.


Oh, honey. This is … well, it’s causing a rare and uncharacteristic reaction in us, we’ll tell you that.








Many a red carpet look has spurred us onto fits of bitchery, but rare is the ensemble that’s so awful we’d rather give the wearer a hug and tell her it’ll all be over soon. Then again, the poor dear seems pretty pleased with herself at the moment so it’s possible she just doesn’t know.

We generally like the work of Sophie Theallet, but this is just way too much cray mashed together in one garment. It’s not just the juxtaposition of clashing elements (which is all the rage at the mo), it’s that the elements themselves are kind of ugly. We usually say about these Frankendresses that if you divided the elements up into individual garments, you’d have a set of outfits for the week, but sunflower lace, faux animal-print fur and gold metallics don’t quite add up to chic wardrobe essentials.

Are we wrong about the sunflower lace? We’re asking. We think it’s kind of hideous and odd, like a pair of kitchen curtains attending a funeral. Are we just being lacist?

Also: those shoes may be the most offensive thing at all. Why on earth would you bottom off a dress like that with a pair of focus-pullers like those?



Style Credits:
Sophie Theallet Ensemble Featuring a Velvet Lace Top with an Exposed Zip Front and a Metallic Peplum and an Embroidered Lace Midi Skirt from the Fall 2016 Collection
Christian Loboutin Shoes

[Photo Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images, IMAXTree]

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