Sarah Jessica Parker & Cynthia Nixon at HBO’s “Divorce” Premiere

Posted on October 05, 2016

Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon attend the premiere of  HBO’s “Divorce” at the SVA Theater in New York City.





Dawwwwww. That’s kind of cute. Carrie and Miranda on the red carpet.










It’s great to see them side by side and so chummy, although we almost think it a bit unfair, since Sarah Jessica’s dressed to grab the spotlight on a night when she’s supposed to do so and Cynthia’s just there to support a friend and colleague. Not that she looks bad. She looks great, in fact. Love the dress and bag, do not love the shoes, love the head styling.

As much as we tend to rag on Miss SJ, her “Boho NY Socialite” drag doesn’t offend us most of the time. It’s not always good for a red carpet situation (and god knows, her shoe choices have become tragic ever since she started stamping her name on them), but for the most part, we’re okay with her basic approach to the poledance, post-Sex and the City.

But as we said, one of them’s clearly dressing with bigger goals in mind and we have to admit, we had a reaction to her look that we haven’t had to an SJP ensemble in a long time:


Except for the occasional Met Gala, Miss Sarah Jessica just hasn’t had the desire to wear anything particularly dramatic or over-the-top in a long time. This isn’t exactly a cutting edge dress, but it’s trendier and more attention-seeking than a lot of what she’s worn in public over the last couple of years. As tired as we are of seeing brightly colored laces and over-embellished frocks on the runways and red carpets of the world, we like seeing her in something so fun and look-at-me.

The hair’s kind of a letdown, though. And let’s just for fun, stipulate that yes, her eyeliner is terrible and has been for years and she needs to open it up a little so it doesn’t make her eyes look smaller. So stipulated. There. Now we don’t have to discuss it. She toned down her usual instincts to pile on the jewelry, but she’s still wearing a bit too much on her hands for a dress like that.

And the footwear choice remains tragic. We just can’t get behind satin bridesmaid pumps with a D&G dress. And we damn sure can’t get behind bronze ones paired with purple lace. Come on now, Sarah J.


 Honestly? We caught about 20 minutes of the first episode and found it more depressing than entertaining.



Style Credits:
Dolce&Gabbana Lace Embellished Dress from the Fall 2016 Collection
SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Satin Pump


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[Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, PacificCoastNews, Courtesy of Dolce&Gabbana – Video Credit: HBO via]

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