Reese Witherspoon Stops by the Brentwood Country Mart

Posted on October 05, 2016


Because of course she does. And in a perfectly coordinated but mildly overdone ensemble with at least two pieces from her own line.

That’s just so Reese, isn’t it?







Every single one of this gal’s sidewalk sashays could be cut together with a peppy theme song and make the perfect opening credits for “That’s So Reese!” Maybe they could jazz things up further by having her spill her smoothie on an old person and respond by shrugging adorably to the camera and then laughing. Or she could feed squirrels in a park in a cocktail dress — and laugh to no one in particular.

Actually, there’s not a lot of laughing in these shots, is there? We bet she put on this perfectly coordinated outfit of labels, realized ten minutes into it that it was too damn hot out, that her smoothie tastes rancid, that she’s having a bad hair day, and that suede pumps on a sidewalk are a lot less fun than they look when you’re not feeling it. Perhaps these shots can be the closing credits of “That’s So Reese!” You could put like a mournful sax solo over it or something.



Style Credits:
Draper James Floral Embroidered Button Down Shirt and Sweater
Tom Ford Sunglasses
Rolex Watch
Tiffany & Co. Bracelet
Baldinini Pumps


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