Style Double Shot: Nicki Minaj at the TIDAL X: 1015 Concert

Posted on October 17, 2016


Nicki Minaj attends the TIDAL X: 1015 concert held at the Barclays Center in New York City.


This is fashion:






One could (and in our opinion, should) debate the relative merits of the fashion on display here. of course. For instance, there’s the pairing of blue-tinged whites with yellow-tinged whites, which is a thing that makes T Lo’s eyelids twitch, and also a thing that looks terrible in pictures. Or perhaps one could discuss how wildly overdesigned that jacket is. And those shoes, for that matter. One could even point out that everything that is not a jacket or a shoe in this ensemble appears to be sleepwear.

There is much, as you can see, to discuss. Because this is fashion.









This is not.

Fine. The footwear is fashion. Ugly fashion, but still fashion. The rest is lingerie masquerading as stagewear. Which yes, if you held us down and threatened to tickle us, we’d begrudgingly admit is a kind of fashion. But no matter what you threaten us with, you’ll never get us to admit it’s stylish.

If you really want to know why Rihanna naked at the CFDAs is high style and this is not, it comes down to two things, really: the tit tape and the panties. Rihanna dressed in a shimmering sheer, accessorized with a matching head scarf and gloves, as well as a fur wrap. It was an ensemble, and while the nakedness underneath was entirely the point, there was nothing particularly salacious or even necessarily sexual about it. It was a look that attempted to highlight the beauty of her body by casting it in a shimmering fantasy light. The look above – with its “here it all is” sense of display –  is meant to make you think of sex. That’s it. That’s not a bad thing in any sense, but when “sex” is the number one item on the design brief, it tends to yield less interesting results, from a style perspective.

This is fine as stagewear (if depressingly of a piece with the modern trend of female pop stars flashing themselves), but it looks damn silly on a step-and-repeat.


[Photo Credit: Brad Barket/Getty Images, Larry Busacca/Getty Images]

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