Lily Collins at LAX

Posted on October 04, 2016

Lilly Collins is spotted arriving on a flight from London at LAX.


In coming to an answer to the eternal celebrity question of whether to dress for comfort at the airport or for a paparazzi session, Miss Lilly has opted to split the difference.






Pajamas with heels, killer shades, and a trendy little moto.

Honestly? We can only applaud in response. It’s practical, it tips its hat to the idea of style while also coming off a bit contemptuous of the pressure she’s under to look photo-ready 24/7, and it actually highlights a couple of sharp and chic pieces, most of which were probably stashed in her purse for the trip. Girlfriend knows how to travel, it would seem.

And you know she’ll be putting the flip-flops back on as soon as she’s in the limo.


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