John Legend’s one style mistake at the Gotham Magazine celebration of their Men’s Issue

Posted on October 18, 2016

Musician John Legend attends the Gotham Magazine Celebration for its Men’s Issue with John Legend at Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown in New York City.


You almost had this one, John.








It’s a great look. If we could pull of wearing a slim cut red plaid suit, we might wear one every day. But it’s probably best left to those it’s suited to, which comprises probably a single-digit percentage of the male population. The jacket’s a little sloppy, but from what we can tell, it’s zhuzhing issue, not a fit one. Someone needed to straighten that out for him before he faced the cameras.

But he always makes the same fatal mistake that drives us nuts. He wore a white dress shirt without an undershirt. We feel a style proclamation coming on. Stand back.

Guys, if you’re wearing a suit and a dress shirt of any kind – but especially a white one – an undershirt is not an optional thing. The placket of your shirt should not be a bright white line running down the front of your body and highlighting the translucent parts of the shirt on either side of it. An undershirt renders your dress shirt opaque and helps it stay smooth and unruffled. It can be an effective tool in the fight against moobs. Not to mention it prolongs the life of the dress shirt by not drenching it in your oils, sweat and shed skin cells. Also: no one really wants to see your nipples that badly.

This has been a public service announcement provided by T Lo International in accordance with U.N. Guidelines on Style.

[Photo Credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images]

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