Joe Jonas, generically invisible in NYC

Posted on October 19, 2016

Joe Jonas is spotted out and about in New York City.


Darlings, it seems like only yesterday we could be proud of the fact that we couldn’t tell the members of the Kardashian/Jenner apart and we couldn’t tell the brothers Jonas apart. We used to have to ask the Fug Girls to identify the latter for us whenever we were seated near them at New York Fashion Week.

Sadly, after years of celebrity and fashion blogging, those carefree, ignorant days are gone, and we sometimes embarrass ourselves in front of our tween nieces by knowing more about their pop culture preferences than any adult with dignity rightly should. In other words, we can identify a Jonas brother or Kardashian sister at 200 yards, God help us.

We usually feature his brother Nicky Tryhard, because he’s always … well, trying so damn hard. Joe never gets the T Lo spotlight because …







He dresses like a million other guys. It’s not at all a bad look on him. We’re not criticizing a thing, really. But it’s nowhere near the attention-seeking levels of his try-hard bro. He should step it up a bit. Nicky’s not exactly a fashion icon in our eyes, but at least the “white Michael Jackson” vibe of his style makes sense for him and helps him take a memorable picture. These are mall clothes. Nice enough, but no pop star wants to be described as “generic,” Joe, do they?

This has been your style pep talk of the day.



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