“Jackie” Poster and Trailer Drops and We Have Opinions

Posted on October 06, 2016


The new trailer and poster dropped for Natalie Portman’s Oscar grab, Jackie, in which she portrays the iconic former First Lady. We had our doubts about this casting when the first pictures of her in costume surfaced, but we had a decidedly different reaction when we saw the trailer:



And that reaction was “Natalie Portman’s about to win her second Oscar, isn’t she?”

But first, screencaps, to drink in all the costume design and art direction, which is stunning:


















Two things to note on the costumes. The pink Chanel knockoff suit she wore in Dallas is one of the most iconic fashion looks of the 20th Century (for wholly tragic reasons, of course) and subsequently, probably one of the most copied ensembles in all of costume design history. It’s almost impossible to get it wrong.

The other two costumes of note are the red suit on the poster, which is a reproduction (right down to the body language while wearing it) of the suit Jackie wore for the televised White House tour of 1962:

And we’re just the nitpicky bitches to note that they got the buttons wrong.

The celery green gown for the concert scene would appear to be a version of the one she wore for the Pablo Casals concert in 1961, except for some reason, they altered it completely for the film:


Granted, it’s not one of her more iconic looks and the production shouldn’t be concerned primarily with a slavish devotion to recreation, but it strikes us an odd choice to make. The film version almost comes off like a slightly more modern gown, except for the addition of the white opera gloves.

Anyway, we think part of the reason this looks so good, even though some version of these stories has been told dozens of times already, is the scale and artistry of the production. This is no TV movie or mini-series. It’s the most cinematic re-telling of the Kennedy years we think we’ve ever seen. That shot of her face in the limo as the reflections of the mourners play over it is astonishing.


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[Stills: FoxSearchlight/Tom and Lorenzo – Video Credit: FoxSearchlight via YouTube.com]

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