Friday Red Carpet Leftovers for the week of 10/17/16

Posted on October 21, 2016


Darlings, there was a veritable deluge of celebrity red carpetry this week and we couldn’t possibly have kept up with it all. An embarrassment of riches, you might say. Or maybe just an embarrassment, going by some of these leftovers.

Hit it, also-rans. The bar’s open and our week’s winding down. Let’s do this.



Allison Janney

Pretty, tasteful, gets the job done. We’ve found that these sorts of ceremonies tend to call for a ladies-who-lunch style more often than not.



Ellie Bamber

We like. The texture makes it. The clutch is too matchy.



Isla Fisher

God, no. She’s like a human picnic basket.



Jai Courtney

Break off a slice.



Joe Manganiello

Hell, break off another. We’ll make a sandwich.



Kate Hudson

You had us until we got to the fringe.

We don’t think we were going out on a limb all that much when we said Hillary-style pantsuits were about to have a moment, but even we’re surprised by how quickly that moment came.



Kristen Bell and Matt Bomer

Cute dress, bad hat. Cute suit, bad shirt.

That’s all.



Lindsay Lohan

Call girl.

Let’s just say it. That’s exactly what she looks like anymore.



Matt Ross and Viggo Mortesen

We haven’t had much chance to feature them, but these two are acting out the most charming public bromance on the festival circuit. Which is good, because you better be charming if you’re going to dress like that for pictures.



Matt Damon




Monica Bellucci

We hate to say it, because we love her, but: Yawn, too.



Noomi Rapace in Moschino

Congrats to her for finding a Moschino that doesn’t look like product placement. This is a bit Barbie with a bit of a punk-lite undertone. It works for her.



Olga Kurylenko

That bandeau is awful. Put on a bra or line the top, but that looks like bandaging.



Rebel Wilson

It’s good enough. While we acknowledge the uphill fashion climb and limited options available to her, we still think she could do better than she usually does. This look is identical to a thousand others she’s worn. She can do more and better with her style.


Sigourney Weaver


Lady, we love you, and we love that you had the nerve to pick something like this, but no. It’s ugly, we’re sorry to have to report.



Tom Holland

Boring but adorable. He’s aborable.

Peace out, Girl Scouts! We’ll be back over the weekend with some dribs and drabs of bitchery and judgment to dole out.



[Photo Credit: Getty Images,, FAMEFLYNET PICTURES]

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