Nate Parker at “The Birth of a Nation” Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on September 22, 2016

Nate Parker attends the Premiere of “The Birth of a Nation” in Hollywood, California.









First, the frivolous: Here’s another example for our argument that men are starting to trend away from the skinny suit. It’s still very fitted, but slightly blockier in the jacket. As for the rest of the look, it’s way too subdued and understated, even for the premiere of such a serious film as this one.

And now, the decidedly non-frivolous:  He has a very good reason for wanting to appear subdued and understated here.

We got a few messages over the last month or so asking if we were going to weigh in on the controversy surrounding Nate Parker. Not to be grim or flippant about it, but we almost laughed at the idea. There’s an argument to be made for “staying in your lane,” when it comes to opinionating about matters far outside your own experience. And a controversy situated at the exact crossroads where race and rape culture sit is a very good time for two white gay men to keep it to themselves and let far more qualified and engaged people hash this out. In a general sense, it opens up questions about whether an artist can be forgiven by the public, not to mention whether or not they should be. As with Woody Allen, Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski, the public has to wrestle once again with the question of supporting work produced by a man whose actions they might find unforgivable, which is made all the harder when that work is considered important and of high value. And we honestly don’t have an answer on that one.



[Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, – Video Credit: FoxSearchlight via YouTube]

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