Jennifer Aniston Out and About in NYC

Posted on September 27, 2016

Jennifer Aniston was spotted out and about in New York City.


Hey, Jen! How’s your week going, girl?








Okay, this entire ensemble has inspired a question we’d like to pose to our west coasters.

What is the outfit that signals to you that someone’s a visitor from the opposite coast?

Seriously, we’re curious. Because this just looks Californian-in-New-York to us. We don’t mean it in a bitchy way. We actually have no criticisms of it as a street look. The slides are kind of cute, although we don’t think they go all that great with the jeans.

Okay, so we have one criticism.

Anyway, if we saw this walking a NYC street ahead of us on a non-famous person, we think we’d probably subconsciously peg them as a transplanted west-coaster. We’re not even sure we could tell you why. The hat and hair, we suppose.



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