HBO’s “Westworld” Premiere: The Men

Posted on September 29, 2016


Line up, cowboys. We’re feeling the urge to judge you. Euphemism for something nastier? Who can say?



James Marsden


See? The suits are getting a little blockier of late. We love a slim cut – and this is still fairly slim – but like the speedo, there’s only a small percentage of men who can truly make it work for them. The tie/shirt combo is bold and different and even if it doesn’t work, we’re bound to support it just on those terms.


Jeffrey Wright


Professor Wright will be visiting this semester. His office hours can be found posted outside the department lounge.



Jimmi Simpson


Clearly still feeling the skinny suit. Which is fine. It suits him. He could’ve picked some bolder color and a pattern to go with it.

And shaved.


Luke Hemsworth


Look, you guys. A new Hemsworth. In all honesty, he barely registered in the episodes we saw until he showed up in a tight tee-shirt and put on a gun show worthy of the family name.

He’s dressed for a wedding. His wedding.



Rodrigo Santoro


Yes, Rodrigo. We tried rebooting. We checked the cables. Will you please just come down here and fix our computer?



[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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