Cathy Cambridge Goes Green in Canada

Posted on September 28, 2016


Tom and Lorenzo, Prescient Sages of Style, just the other day:

“We’re mostly in agreement that it works really great for her and that it’s lovely to see her in a patterned look and NOT in blue. Although red is pretty much her other default color. Basically, she dresses like the Union Jack.”

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, in imaginary response:


Fair enough, Queen of the Future. Fair enough. May we say it’s nice to see that you took our advice on the latest trends for fall? No? Fine, then we’ll judge your style choices instead.


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge meet Canadian rangers at Whitehorse Airport in Whitehorse, Canada.






Fabulous – and rather perfectly coordinated in that matchy Cambridge way. The scarf ties everything together nicely. And the color, of course, looks fabulous on her.

Bill’s pants are mighty tight for a prince who didn’t sing “Purple Rain.”


Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge visit Kelowna University during their Royal Tour of Canada in Kelowna, Canada.






Also perfectly coordinated and looking great on her, but that’s because she took a page from Grandma Betty and dressed all in one color, coat and dress. It’s really not something we’re fond of in a real-world way, but it’s a perfectly understandable choice for a public figure. Hillary Clinton does largely the same thing with her monochromatic looks. This is less of an issue in the case of Clinton or the Queen, but in Cathy’s case, it means she can get through a day of appearances and change up her look according to the weather while always remaining perfectly coordinated and photogenic.

Anyway, cute dress.


Style Credits:
First Look: Hobbs ‘Persephone’ Green Trench Coat | L.K. Bennett ‘Nina‘ Trench Clutch | Monica Vinader ‘Siren’ Wire Earrings | L.K. Bennett ‘Fern‘ Nappa Leather Heel
Second Look: Dolce & Gabbana Green Crepe Midi Dress | L.K. Bennett Nina Trench Clutch | Monica Vinader Siren Wire Earrings | L.K. Bennett Fern Nappa Leather Heel

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