Translating the Trends for Fall 2016: Plaid/Tartan

Posted on August 24, 2016

Darlings, let’s all be trend whores together!

In case you missed the first two entries in the series (LEOPARD! & PURPLE!), we’re looking at the trends for the upcoming season and translating them into real-world options for people who don’t walk runways for a living! We’ve long told anyone who asked that the best way to freshen up your wardrobe without blindly chasing after every trend and breaking your bank on things that you’ll only wear once is to scan the mags and the runways, make note of what’s hot for the coming season, and find ways to appropriate that trend in items and pieces that fit your life. Personally, we’ve always found this to be one of those approaches that makes shopping more fun.

As the title suggests, one of the must-haves for fall 2016 is a bold plaid. Call it the Outlander effect. Given how beautiful the costumes are on that show, we wouldn’t be surprised if it continues to influence designers for a couple of seasons, much in the way Mad Men and Downton Abbey did.


Translating-Th-Trends-Fall-2016-Plaid-Fashion-Accessories-Bags-Shoes-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (1)
Balenciaga | Barbara Bui | Bottega Veneta | Burberry Prorsum
Calvin Klein | Chanel | Coach | Daks
DKNY | Dolce&Gabbana | Etro | Gucci
Isabel Marant | Jacquemus | Jean Paul Gaultier | Les Copains

Translating-Th-Trends-Fall-2016-Plaid-Fashion-Accessories-Bags-Shoes-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (2)
Loewe | Michael Kors | Missoni | No. 21
Prada | Preen | Rachel Zoe | Ralph Lauren
Sonia Rykiel | Suno | Tod’s | Tory Burch
Trussardi | Vetements | Victoria Beckham | Vivienne Westwood

One of the great things about compiling a trend list like this is that it handily illustrates just how arbitrary and non-revolutionary most trends are. Purple, leopard and plaid. These are not shocking ideas about style, but that’s entirely the point. Fashion is consumer driven, and most consumers can’t be talked into something totally off-the-wall, avant garde or impractical for their wardrobe. You’re just not gonna see many “The hot item everyone must have this fall is a MINK TURBAN!!” trend pieces. And if you’re a smart and savvy consumer with an interest in style, buying a select few items to try out is a great way to find out if, say, you’re feeling a big purple coat or a leopard dress or a plaid jacket might work for you. Style is a laboratory, darlings. A constantly evolving experiment we get to enact on ourselves just to see if we like the results.

Anyway, plaid isn’t exactly something new, nor is it something missing from most of our wardrobes, but it never hurt to toy with the idea of freshening up the arsenal, now does it?

Ding! First floor: BAGS.

There are a couple of pricey options here, but some of those Vivienne Westwood bags are really, really cute. There’s a great range of colors there that definitely gives these plaids a modern and fresh feel. LOVE that Under One Sky backpack. And that little Nila Anthony backpack is adorable. All of the Kate Spades are classics.

Second floor: FOOTWEAR.

How cute are those Bella Vita flats? Those Boston Proper pumps are the perfect Holiday party shoe. Kinda living for those shit-kicking GX (by Gwen Stefani) boots too. They would be a lot of fun with skinny black jeans. And those old school high-vamped plaid pumps from Stewart Weitzman are classic and elegant. Can’t go wrong with any of those J. Crew options either. Or the Converse or TOMS, for that matter.


Well, who can’t use a plaid scarf? Aside from people who live in arid or tropical environments, that is. For those folks, have a phone case. But for the rest of y’all… well. It would be silly for us to talk up something that almost everybody’s had at one time or another in their wardrobe. But as we said, if you’re freshening your style, it’s not a bad idea to look at what the colors are – and some of these scarves are loaded with modern and on-trend colors. We love the blue Marc Jacobs and the Bindy especially, but the Steve Madden one is nice too. The Ralph Lauren gloves are bargain, but the RGLT gloves are really cute.

What’s catching your eye here?



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