Pop Style Opinionfest: “RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Star” Talent Show Extravaganza

Posted on August 26, 2016



No, darlings. We are not, in fact, on vacation at the moment, although you wouldn’t be out of line assuming otherwise, considering our piss-poor output of the past few days. But those celebrity bitches simply won’t cooperate by going outside in weird or awful outfits. It’s always bad in August because everyone’s taking a break before the fall TV season, Fashion Week, Oscar-bait dramas and holiday blockbusters all get underway and anyone with a project to promote will be out in heels and shapewear 24/7. We suppose we should let them have their fun now. Fine, celebrities. You had a week. Get back to work.

Thank Jesus for the VMAs this Sunday.

We could put up a couple pap shots of Jessica Alba, but we don’t think we’d be able to face ourselves in the mirror if we did. And while we do have more “Translating the Trends” posts in the pipeline, we think they should be sprinkled among our traditional content. We’ll keep you posted if we find anything worth, well, posting.

Fortunately, if you’re really feeling the lack of our opinions in your life, those other bitches came out last night and we’ve got a ton of things to say. It’s an all-RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars podcast as we spew opinions in every direction – and even wind up vehemently disagreeing on a couple of points. Considering all of these girls have a history with the show AND Ru put a rather vicious twist on the elimination process, it’s no wonder we could go on for 45 minutes while barely stopping to take a breath.



It was pretty much impossible to get decent screencaps during the talent show, so you’ll definitely have to catch up on the first episode in order to follow along.


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[Photo Credit: Logo TV – Video Credit: CBS Radio/Play it]

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