Pop Style Opinionfest: Celebrity Disappointments of the Week

Posted on August 19, 2016


Darlings, the people that God has chosen to be better than us all (i.e., celebrities) occasionally let us down with their less-than-perfect behavior and their refusal to be moral paragons. This week, the two big celebrity disappointment stories are Ryan Lochte’s yeoman-like efforts to keep the “Ugly American” stereotype alive and well in Rio, and Amy Schumer’s absolutely shitty method of dealing with bad press or a controversy that pops up in her orbit. Neither of them get defended by us, but we tried to shade each situation with a little bit of nuance – mainly: he’s too dumb to know better and she’s the last gal you should be asking to take a hard stand on a social issue.

After we get done yelling at famous people, we do a quick rundown on Netflix’s The Little Prince, season 2 of UNreal, and a bunch of things we didn’t get (or forgot) to say in our Mr. Robot and The Get Down reviews.



Opinions galore, darlings! Dive right in! The water’s fine.

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