Translating the Trends for Fall 2016: Leopard

Posted on August 17, 2016

Darlings, anyone who spent more than a few minutes perusing the fall 2016 collections could have easily picked up on one of the more pervasive trends of the season:


Fall-2016-Trends-Leopard-Accessories-Bags-Shoes-Jewelry-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (2)
Acne Studios | Anna Sui | Bottega Veneta | Christian Dior | Dolce&Gabbana
Dries Van Noten | Givenchy | House of Holland | Isabel Marant | Maison Margiela
Mary Katrantzou | No. 21 | Prada | Sophie Thealett | Thierry Mugler

Can you spot it? Have you figured out our little puzzle? Oh, right. We put it in the title. But even if we hadn’t, we have no doubt your keen eye would immediately note the prevalence of leopard prints on the runway.

Pretty much a perennial for about a century now, leopard skin almost never goes out of style. And when it does, it doesn’t stay there for long. Designers – not to mention consumers – will always, it seems, want to get a little jungle cat action in their style. We blame Ginger Grant, personally.

As we’ve noted before, leopard print can very easily tip over into tacky if it’s overused or used badly. But here’s where we find the intersection of our advice about how to wear leopard and our advice on how to manage the trends without breaking your bank or forcing yourself into clothes you don’t like or don’t suit you (always a possibility when chasing a trend). To do leopard, you’re almost always better off keeping it an accent. And the best way to do that – not to mention the more economical way, and the way that allows you the most options – is to sprinkle it throughout your accessories choices.

We’re smack in the middle of writing our magnum opus style book and one of the most persistent bits of advice we’ve sprinkled throughout it is to look at the trends on the runways and in magazines and, if such things matter to you, translate them into something that works for you. This is how you can keep your wardrobe fresh and up-to-date without killing yourself or looking like a foolish trend whore. This is how you can play with a trend by picking it up or putting it down when it suits you; by mixing it and matching it with other items in your wardrobe. More often than not, unless you’re practically made out of money, this is what we always tell people when it comes to updating their wardrobe: look at the trends, find the ones you think you can make work, and then go shopping for accessories and accent pieces that can be integrated into your look. This way, when leopard goes out of style or you get tired of it, you only have to shift a couple bags and pairs of shoes to the back of your closet instead of being stuck with a dated coat or dress.

So with all that said, we decided to let Lorenzo flex his old stylist/personal shopper muscles and do some pre-shopping for y’all:





Please note that we tried to do here what all good stylists or personal shoppers do: find a happy medium between their own tastes and the people for whom they’re selecting. Since we’re selecting for a huge, mostly anonymous and amorphous group of gals, we opted to go for a wide range of items – and to even include a couple of things we’d never recommend if you asked us outright. Style – true personal style and not the fakery of red carpets and runways – should never be about someone imposing their tastes on someone else. It doesn’t matter if we personally don’t like UGGs. Experience (and our own eyes) tell us that a lot of women do. We have nieces who live in the damn things. But everything you see above does have the T Lo stamp of approval. Yes, even the Juicy Couture bag. You can’t talk about leopard in fashion without bringing up a few tacky-but-fun items.

Having said that, while everything above is a recommendation or at least a suggestion, our favorites among the above are the Christian Siriano bags, the Betsey Johnson earrings, the Cole Haan gloves (which are pretty fabulous), the Office ballet flats, the Lucky phone case, and the Old Navy belt.

What are your faves?

[Photo Credit: IMAXTree]

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