Pop Style Opinionfest: Ghostbuster Gals, Lively Fashion & Emmy Nom Rage

Posted on July 15, 2016



Kittens, the very first thing we did this morning, after feeding our feline editorial assistants and giving our Keurig a workout, was to sit down and have it out over the very serious topics of:

a) The Ghostbusters poledance and how it’s shaping up, with a style assessment of each individual Buster of Ghosts,

b) Blake Lively’s aggressively awkward red carpetry, which Lorenzo has some shocking things to say about, and finally, taking up the largest portion of the hour…

c) The Emmy nominations, including our picks for the wins, booing of omissions and even our scoffing at undeserved nominees. We’re total bitches about it, really.



But isn’t that what you want, darlings? Someone to co-sign your inner bitch? Jump in, the water’s fine. And bitchy.

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[Photo Credit: ABC, USA Network, FX, Still Images: Tom and Lorenzo – Video Credit: CBS Radio/Play it]

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