Pop Style Opinionfest: Convention-al Style

Posted on July 29, 2016

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Darlings, as the conventioneers streamed out of Philly this morning (and literally right past our front door), we took the opportunity to look at the two historic – and in many ways, highly unconventional – party conventions through the lens of style and fashion. Would you expect any less of us? When history happens, we’re there. Critiquing the hem lines.

From the celebrities to the politicos, for various reasons we’ll delve into, this political season is more style-focused than ever before. And don’t worry, we don’t restrict our conversation to the women in attendance. We touch on everything from Tim Kaine’s unusual shirt choice to who among the many men who gave speeches was the best dressed by far. We note the slightly unusual suit color choices made by two notable attendees, as well as the horrible way Donald Trump gets his suits cut and the shirt choices Bill Clinton makes that set him apart from most politicians. Then, it’s onto the ladies, from Melania’s scrunchie dress to Ivanka’s bold-faced money grab, to the semiotics behind Hillary’s white or Michelle’s choice of designer, to the sometimes slightly inappropriate celebrity style choices, everyone comes in for a little bit of discussion.



Because we can’t really keep our mouths shut once we get going.

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