Pop Style Opinionfest: “Ab Fab” is Awesome & Social Media is Not

Posted on July 22, 2016

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Sweetie darlings! Guess who saw the Ab Fab Movie last night? YAAAAAAAS, KWEEEEEENS! And you KNOW we have a ton of opinions on it. But first, visual aids to enjoy, because the film was a huge visual treat, if nothing else.


The good news is – it’s actually fun and funny! Not flawless, and not particularly accessible to non-fans of the show, but if you’re a fan of classic Ab Fab, the gang is all here and serving it up with panache. Listen to our non-spoiler review to get the details as to why it works and how the message of the show has stayed true, but evolved as its leads have gotten older. It’s very much “Ab Fab: 2016,” even if there are a lot of call-backs to the ’90s-era version of the franchise.

After that, we turn to the TOTALLY frivolous and discuss the Kardashian/Swift feud and how it all exploded this week thanks to Kim’s scarily precise media campaign. Rather than indulge in the gossipy aspects of the whole thing, we try to focus on what it means from a cultural perspective; how we too easily take sides in these celebrity-driven feuds and how we forget that everyone involved is using the media to promote themselves.

Then we pivot to the far more serious and discuss the horror show visited upon Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones on twitter and how we think it has to force the question of what kind of internet we want and what kind of social media we’re willing to engage in. We’re at a turning point right now and the Leslie Jones thing is a big part of it.

And finally, we tie the previous two discussions up in a big bow by relating them to a personal and professional milestone of ours, and we’ll have more on that in a bit. Because of course it all comes back to us in some way, darlings.




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[Photo Credit: David Appleby/Fox Searchlight Pictures – Video Credit: CBS Radio/Play it]

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