Zendaya Coleman for Cosmopolitan Magazine

Posted on June 03, 2016

Zendaya Coleman covers the July 2016 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine photographed by James White.


Miss Z is FEELING herself. And we don’t blame her.

Zendaya-Coleman-Cosmopolitan-Magazine-July-2016-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (1)

“There’s really crazy stuff happening right now, and it’s disappointing, sad, and scary. My generation, we really have to step up to the plate and vote. Tweeting is great—people say, Oh, I don’t want this or that—but at the end of the day, tweeting isn’t a ballot. Just saying that you don’t like someone on Twitter is not going to turn a state blue or red. You have to vote.”


Zendaya-Coleman-Cosmopolitan-Magazine-July-2016-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (2)

 “I didn’t like my hair and makeup one time on a photo shoot, and my publicist told me, ‘You should just be happy with it—they haven’t had a black girl on the cover since forever.’ She’s no longer my publicist.”



Great sound bites, great shots. The fashion’s only so-so, which is a shame, because she’s capable of working a vast range of styles. Then again, that’s not really Cosmo’s brand. Basic, pretty, lightly sexy looks is their thing.

We’re not sold on the brow game, but it’s certainly … declarative, yes?

[Photo Credit: James White/Cosmopolitan Magazine]

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