Pop Style Opinionfest: Watching Roots/Talking Style

Posted on June 03, 2016

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Darlings, because we are so very opinionated in all things, we devoted a bit of time in this week’s podcast to the History Channel’s remake of the classic mini-series Roots.



It’s difficult to talk about Roots because not only is it clearly a deeply serious topic for two people who spend as much time discussing frivolities as we, but this version has a powerfully and deliberately political tone that makes the opinions of a couple of white guys something that should be taken with a huge grain of salt.

But there were things we wanted to say specifically about the differences between the 1977 and 2016 versions, from the slight tonal shift in how the Kunta Kinte family line was depicted (not to mention who did the depicting), to the more drastic ways the family’s origins were changed, to the rather brilliant filmmaking choices that put the story directly into the hands of its black characters and made direct references to current events.

But be warned, before we even get to that heavy stuff, we spent a long time having a somewhat fun and formless round-robin about a whole bunch of style and fashion topics, from the resort lines, to the played-out versions of retro, to Salma Hayek’s disastrous red carpetry, to the things we ponder as we start shifting into talking about real-world style for real-world people, both here on the site and in our next book.



It’s a LOT, as per the uzh. But you kittens are hardcore. You can handle it.

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[Photo Credit: Steve Dietl/History – Video Credit: CBS Radio/Play it, History via YouTube.com]

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