Pop Style Opinionfest: Unreal Political Style!

Posted on June 10, 2016

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As the above set of seemingly random photos will attest, we had quite the little roundup of topics to plow through.


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Don’t worry. We’re not foolish enough to start opining on the world of politics, darlings. But because of the historic nature of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy and a particular scandal that bubbled up this week surrounding her clothing choices, we decided to dive into the topic of political style and how it’s discussed. Yes, there is such a thing. We look at the ways in which a female candidate is subjected to scrutiny that a male candidate would never even consider worrying about and we look at the vast gulf that separates political office-holder style and First Lady style. Then of course we go off on a tangent about various First Ladies and what they brought to the style table, including a couple of opinions about some sacred cows that’ll likely get us some angry responses.


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Next up is a discussion of Lifetime Television’s “UnREAL,” including what makes it so uniquely great and why you should be watching it, even if the story sometimes goes to some dark and disturbing places.



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And finally, Miss Beyonce got herself a Fashion Icon Award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and kittens? There was NO WAY we weren’t going to have a few things to say about THAT.




Opinion-spew in every direction, darlings! Thank you for listening to our cartoon voices and incessant bickering once again!

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[Photo Credit: Getty Images, Bettina Strauss/Lifetime, James Dittiger/Lifetime – Video Credit: CBS Radio/Play it]

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