Sophie Turner in Balmain at the “X-Men: Apocalypse” London Premiere

Posted on May 10, 2016

“Game of Thrones” actress Sophie Turner attends the premiere of “X-Men: Apocalypse” held at BFI IMAX in London, UK.


This is, to us, one of those looks that winds up being far more than the sum of its parts. It’s all about the context. Allow us, humble tea-leaf readers of red carpetry, to show you what it all means.

Sophie-Turner-X-Men-Apocalypse-London-Movie-Premiere-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (1)

First, we’ll give you a minute to take it all in. Hell, we’ll give you five. It’s a lot.


Sophie-Turner-X-Men-Apocalypse-London-Movie-Premiere-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (2)

But look, before you damn this dress for being over-designed (if you’re being kind) or tacky (if you’re not), consider this. This is her first big movie role but not her first go-round on an internationally watched red carpet.


Sophie-Turner-X-Men-Apocalypse-London-Movie-Premiere-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (3)

That puts her in a position of first, needing to take this moment and make a real statement about herself, and second, knowing how to move her way through the poledancing process far better than the average ingenue.


Sophie-Turner-X-Men-Apocalypse-London-Movie-Premiere-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (4)

In addition, and not insignificantly, she knew going into it that she would be sharing the red carpet with the couture-wearing biggest female star in the world.


Sophie-Turner-X-Men-Apocalypse-London-Movie-Premiere-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (5)

So you have this perfect storm of elements, a true All About Eve fashion melodrama playing out on the red carpet, as an unusually red-carpet-savvy rising starlet faces off against the couture-clad mega-star of the world.


Sophie-Turner-X-Men-Apocalypse-London-Movie-Premiere-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (6)

Oh, and it’s a superhero flick with a huge budget in which she’s taking over the role of a semi-iconic (to nerds, anyway) character.

All of which means, if you’re her and you do it right…

Sophie-Turner-X-Men-Apocalypse-London-Movie-Premiere-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (7)

You make sure the head styling is flaw-to-the-LESS, darling.

Then, you pick the showiest, most attention-seeking (in a Kardashia-tinged way) frock you can find…


Sophie-Turner-X-Men-Apocalypse-London-Movie-Premiere-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (8)

… arch your eyebrow, do a turn and show it all off to the wall of photographers scrambling to see if you’re wearing underwear.

We could not possibly ATTAGIRL this move enough.



Style Credits:
Balmain Black Long-Sleeve Dress Featuring Sheer Illusion Panels and Fringe Detailing from the Fall 2016 Collection
De Beers Jewelry
Jimmy Choo Sandals

[Photo Credit: Jeff Spicer/Getty Images, FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES, IMAXTree]

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