Met Gala 2016 Trend: Ladies (and One Man) in White

Posted on May 04, 2016


All day long, we kept referring to this as “the white people post.” “Are you done working on the white people post?” “What time do you want to schedule the post about white people?” “Should the white people go last?”

We so wanted to title this “Met Gala 2016 Trend: WHITE PEOPLE!” but we’re afraid the joke might not have come across well.

Anyway, the point should be clear by now that we noticed quite a bit of white all over this red carpet. It would seem that, like the metallic trend, a lot of attendees hit on a vaguely sci-fi feel by getting their best Princess Leia on.



Danai Gurira in Giambattista Valli
Met-Gala-2016-Red-Carpet-fashion-Trends-White-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (1)

We’re not convinced that the silver hair really translates well in pictures, but this is just stunning on her. Granted, just about any shitty old white dress is going to pop on her, but we love the high collar and sleeves, which give the gown a slightly unique, more-than-slightly Princess Leia vibe.


Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton
Met-Gala-2016-Red-Carpet-fashion-Trends-White-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (2)

Miss Emma, we hope the haircolor’s for a role. While it does look pretty good on you, it tends to render you somewhat generically Megan Fox-esque. The red suits you much better.

Anyway, the dress is kinda cool, kinda edgy. We dig it. But it does call to mind formalwear for Xena.



Freida Pinto in Tory Burch
Met-Gala-2016-Red-Carpet-fashion-Trends-White-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (3)

She looks like she’s getting ready to be baptized in a river. This is too flimsy and uninteresting for the Met Gala.



Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Gabriela Hearst
Met-Gala-2016-Red-Carpet-fashion-Trends-White-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (4)

On the other hand, this almost works in a minimalist chic kinda way. Almost. It really needs something to bump it up.


Jared Leto in Gucci
Met-Gala-2016-Red-Carpet-fashion-Trends-White-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (5)

Bless him for going there, but the competing whites and the lack of an undershirt bring this down a couple notches.


Jennifer Hudson in H&M
Met-Gala-2016-Red-Carpet-fashion-Trends-White-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (6)

Meh. The design is very basic and the tulle on the bottom looks a bit cheap. If you’re going to go for that effect, you really need about double the amount this dress is sporting.

But it fits her really nicely.


Margot Robbie in Calvin Klein Collection
Met-Gala-2016-Red-Carpet-fashion-Trends-White-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (7)

There is nothing flattering about the way that skirt attaches to the bust. The rest of the styling is too … what’s the term? “SoCal semi-formal,” we’ll call it. She looks like she’s about to get married on a beach.



Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Ralph Lauren
Met-Gala-2016-Red-Carpet-fashion-Trends-White-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (8)

She could nail this look in her sleep. In terms of difficulty settings, she’s coasting on “Easy.” Having said that, it’s hard to argue with the results. It may not be outré enough (in our opinion) for the Met Gala, but she does look stunning.


[Photo Credit: Larry Busacca/Getty Images, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

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