Matt Bomer, Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe at “the Nice Guys” New York Screening

Posted on May 13, 2016

Matt Bomer, Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe attend “The Nice Guys” New York Screening at Metrograph in New York City.


Matt-Bomer-Ryan-Gosling-Russell-Crowe-The-Nice-Guys-New-York-Screening (1)

BOYS, darlings!

Let’s judge them!


Matt-Bomer-Ryan-Gosling-Russell-Crowe-The-Nice-Guys-New-York-Screening (2)

Matt-Bomer-Ryan-Gosling-Russell-Crowe-The-Nice-Guys-New-York-Screening (3)

We’ll start with the prettiest one.

He looks good – it would be hard for him not to – but the tailoring’s a little off here. The jacket looks a bit too roomy for him and a skosh too long. The pants need an extra quarter-inch on the hem.


Matt-Bomer-Ryan-Gosling-Russell-Crowe-The-Nice-Guys-New-York-Screening (4)

Matt-Bomer-Ryan-Gosling-Russell-Crowe-The-Nice-Guys-New-York-Screening (5)

This is… disappointing.

You are capable of so much more than this, Gosling.


Matt-Bomer-Ryan-Gosling-Russell-Crowe-The-Nice-Guys-New-York-Screening (6)

We suppose if you know you’re standing next to Russell Crowe on the red carpet, you don’t have to bring your style A game.


Matt-Bomer-Ryan-Gosling-Russell-Crowe-The-Nice-Guys-New-York-Screening (7)

Russell dresses for the red carpet like he’s in the middle of coaching a basketball game.



[Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

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