2016 CW Upfronts Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on May 20, 2016

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Darlings, it’s the CW upfronts! And they’re loaded with superheroes, vampires and virgin mothers!

Wow. When did the CW brand get so weird?


Brandon Routh
CW-Upfront-2016-Red-Carpet-Rundown-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (1)

Bland. And actually, kinda dumb. Three piece suits shouldn’t be worn without ties unless it’s 1978 and you’re heading to a disco.


Caity Lotz in Gomez Gracia
CW-Upfront-2016-Red-Carpet-Rundown-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (2)

Fancy workout gear and shoes that don’t go.



Carlos Valdes
CW-Upfront-2016-Red-Carpet-Rundown-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (3)

Cute. Love that color for him.

Take your hands out of your pockets, Carlos. That way we can judge whether or not your suit fits correctly. And don’t you want that? Our judgment?



Stephen Amell in Battistoni
CW-Upfront-2016-Red-Carpet-Rundown-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (4)

Works for us.



Gina Rodriguez in Lavish Alice
CW-Upfront-2016-Red-Carpet-Rundown-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (5)

Not in love with the bustline or tricky sleeves, but it’s those Silly Putty pumps that really bug.



Grant Gustin in Brooks Brothers
CW-Upfront-2016-Red-Carpet-Rundown-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (6)

Very cute, but he should’ve shaved.

It’s kind of nice that the CW boys all showed up in suits.


Ian Somerhalder

Except for this one. Hmmph. You could’ve at least had the shirt ironed, Ian.



Jesse L. Martin
CW-Upfront-2016-Red-Carpet-Rundown-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (8)

Very cute. We tend to find hats on the red carpet to be a bit pretentious sometimes, but this is his look and it suits him very well.

Great shoes.


Mehcad Brooks

We don’t know what’s more impressive; that he apparently swam through an oil slick and got run over by a thresher on the way here, or that he did all that while clearly high as a kite.



Melissa Benoist in Marchesa
CW-Upfront-2016-Red-Carpet-Rundown-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (10)

She’s adorable, but the dress is generic and those are not the right shoes for her.



Peyton List
CW-Upfront-2016-Red-Carpet-Rundown-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (11)

Simple, but it more than gets the job done.




That Frequency show actually looks pretty good.


[Photo Credit: Callahan/ACE/INFphoto.com, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

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