The Walking Dead: Last Day on Earth

Posted on April 04, 2016



Oh, whatever.

Look, this may come off as laziness or bitterness on our parts. So be it, but if the writers of The Walking Dead can’t even be bothered to write a decent season finale then we see no reason why we should waste time and words trying to critique or explain it. Ninety minutes of literal and figurative road blocks capped off by a silly monologue from a character who didn’t even come close to living up to the ridiculous buildup of his introduction, ending with a cliffhanger that completely lacked titillation or suspense. Someone got beat to death, you guys. Tune in six months from now to find out who. In the meantime, please watch our exciting spinoff show “Water Zombies.”

God, when we look back at this season – the stupid herd and the idiotic way it was dealt with, Glen’s legendary dumpster dive, Denise’s idiotic Quest for Orange Crush, Morgan and his stick, Carol’s personality doing a total 180 with little warning or explanation – we’re amazed at how bad it all was. There’s no story here and there’s clearly no respect for the audience by the show creators. Having run out of ideas, they’re just going to yank the audience’s chain over and over again.

Glen’s dead! Whoops! No he’s not!

Daryl got shot in the head! Whoops! No he didn’t!

Someone’s going to die and we’re going to foreshadow the SHIT out of that – whoops! Tune in next fall! 

To hell with that. We’ve got Daredevil episodes to review, plus Outlander and Orphan Black are coming back. There’s so much better stuff to watch and talk about on television.

This is boring. We’re out.


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