The Ladies of New York Fashion Week’s Front Row

Posted on February 18, 2016


Darlings, the celebu-gals were out in force, braving the cold winds of Manhattan to get their picture taken at all the right places in all the right outfits. It’s the Olympics of attention-seeking, darlings! Aka: the New York Fashion Week front row. Let’s sample a few of the attendees and judge them.


Chloë Moretz at the Coach Show

This is kind of cute and youthful, even if it does look a little like she just chose it all from a big pile of free merch. It suits her. The only thing we’re not loving is the skirt, which is a bit too short. Harrumph. It’s not that we’re being prudish, it’s just that it throws the proportions off a bit.


Ciara at the Coach Show

We hope she had a good coat stashed somewhere. This is fine. We can’t say we love it, but we also can’t find fault with anything but the shoes, which are kinda hiddy. The rest of it doesn’t really light our panties on fire, but it doesn’t make us annoyed either. That’s some serious damning with faint praise, but what can we say? We feel nothing.


Claire Danes at the Narciso Rodriguez Show

The style is right for that sort of low-key quality so many fashionistas shoot for during Fashion Week, but the skirt isn’t remotely flattering to her.


Emma Roberts at the Coach Show

It’s photogenic in that boldly colorful and patterned way, plus it’s got that “dressing for the back row” theatrical quality that some starlets want from their front row ensembles. If you’re there to be seen, then you’re going to want something that catches everyone’s eye.

It is not, however, pretty. And the bag is all kinds of wrong with it.


Jennifer Jason Leigh at the Rodarte Show

God bless this lady. She is poledancing through this awards season at a pace and a level that would make Anne Hathaway sick with exhaustion. Granted, she looks hellaciously uncomfortable throughout it, but then again, that only make it all the more impressive. Also: this whole outfit is entirely too much for her – and most people, it has to be said.


Rooney Mara at the Boss Show

When you’re sitting front row at Fashion Week, it’s very important that you wear something chic while giving the impression that you don’t care or think about such things. This pretty much nails it.


[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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