Outlander Season 2 Poster and Preview

Posted on February 12, 2016


None of this is new to Outlander fan girls, who were all over this yesterday, but we don’t care because we think this poster is gorgeous. They both look spectacular, but that dress in particular is a jaw-dropper.



Damn, that looks good. We have a bare-bones understanding of where the plot goes in the books, so we’re not surprised by things like the reveal that she made it back to the 20th Century. We are, however, surprised that they revealed that in the trailer. Then again, we imagine the people to whom this trailer was pitched – i.e., the fans – are more than aware of every plot intricacy and twist.

We toyed with whether or not to return to reviewing this show because it’s difficult to do so when the audience comprises so many ardent fans, many of whom have no interest in restricting their discussion to the TV series. But this trailer helped us make up our minds. We’re going to jump back into things when the show returns simply because we enjoy it so much, we love the way it looks, and we’re interested to see how they pull of where the story’s going to go.

[Photo Credit: Starz – Video Credit: Starz via YouTube]

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