Pop Style Opinionfest: Oscars Disappointments, Lady Heroes & Boy Clothes

Posted on January 22, 2016

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Is that a header image or what? We only spend part of this week’s podcast talking about what we called “the rise of the lady hero” going on in pop culture this year, but we couldn’t help making it the illustration for this week’s podcast just for being so kickass.

No, what actually dominated the first half of the show was our spirited chat about the Oscar nominations and the poor job the entire Academy does when it comes to reflecting the cultural zeitgeist; not just the appalling lack of diversity in terms of who gets recognized, but also the way in which the Oscars as a cultural institution become less relevant with each passing year as the entire process reflects less and less of what the public is interested in.

After that weighty topic, we move on to a brief discussion of the luscious War & Peace mini-series now airing on A&E (and Lifetime and The History Channel, in a massive bit of overkill programming):


And then, spurred on partially by the premiere of season 2 of Agent Carter and the release of footage from the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, which briefly lit the twitters on fire, we spend some time discussing the cultural shift toward superheroic women.

Not just the aforementioned, but also the Supergirl and Jessica Jones series, both of which we’ve covered because we’re just all about the lady heroes ’round these parts.

And then, because we’re on a roll, we head straight into discussing the weird and wild of the Fall 2016 menswear collections.

So it’s a full blast of T Lo coming at you for an hour-plus. Can you handle it, darlings?

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[Photo Credit: Warner Bros., Netflix, ABC, CBS – Video Credit: CBS Radio/Play it]

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