Cast of “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” at West Hollywood Photocall

Posted on January 25, 2016

Matt Smith, Jack Huston, Bella Heathcote, Lily James and Douglas Booth attend the Screen Gems’ “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” photo call at the London Hotel in West Hollywood, California.


Matt-Smith-Jack-Huston-Bella-Heathcote-Lily-James-Douglas-Booth-Pride-Prejudice-Zombies-Photocall-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (1)

Darlings, it’s a semi-star, international cast of English-speaking white people! Let’s judge their poledancing style efforts.


Matt-Smith-Jack-Huston-Bella-Heathcote-Lily-James-Douglas-Booth-Pride-Prejudice-Zombies-Photocall-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (8)

There is a whole hell of a lot of Blue Steel going on at the left side of this vignette.


Matt-Smith-Jack-Huston-Bella-Heathcote-Lily-James-Douglas-Booth-Pride-Prejudice-Zombies-Photocall-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (10)

The square-dancing bit was probably taking it a step too far.

And now for the style portion of our program. First up, the boys:


Matt Smith
Matt-Smith-Jack-Huston-Bella-Heathcote-Lily-James-Douglas-Booth-Pride-Prejudice-Zombies-Photocall-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (3)

Jack Huston
Matt-Smith-Jack-Huston-Bella-Heathcote-Lily-James-Douglas-Booth-Pride-Prejudice-Zombies-Photocall-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (4)


Douglas Booth
Matt-Smith-Jack-Huston-Bella-Heathcote-Lily-James-Douglas-Booth-Pride-Prejudice-Zombies-Photocall-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (7)

Who all clearly coordinated with each other. Why not just put them in utility coveralls with name tags on them if you’re just going to hand them all the same outfit? We appreciate the jackets and the overall grooming, guys, but don’t be so afraid of collars. And Matt? We miss the London Hipster phase of your style evolution. This gangster/Spandau Ballet drag is awful.


Bella Heathcote in 3.1 Phillip Lim Pre-Fall 2016

Matt-Smith-Jack-Huston-Bella-Heathcote-Lily-James-Douglas-Booth-Pride-Prejudice-Zombies-Photocall-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (5)

You know what? We may have to give her this one. Everything about this look is so counter-intuitive and yet of the lot of them, this is the only look that exhibits any real style. More importantly, it draws your eye directly to her. We think everything from the waist down is perfect for a photo op like this. That blouse is unfortunate, however. The only reason she still outshines them all on the style front is because the rest of them did so very poorly.

Lily James in Saloni Resort 2016
Matt-Smith-Jack-Huston-Bella-Heathcote-Lily-James-Douglas-Booth-Pride-Prejudice-Zombies-Photocall-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (6)

Lily, it’s because we love you that we’re going to give you some unasked-for advice. You need to stop with the lady-like drag, girl. While we can’t say it doesn’t suit you, we do think your over-dressed and very proper approach to promotional appearances can make you look kind of fusty (which is a word we first typed without knowing exactly what the definition was because it sounded good and then looked it up to find out we were using it exactly correctly, which is a thing that makes us very, very happy when it happens). You’re standing next to a bunch of male co-stars determined to dress like strip club bouncers and a female co-star in a gold lamé skirt and you’re dressed like Nicole Kidman. You’re young and beautiful and all eyes are on you because you’re standing in front of your zombie movie poster. Lighten up a little. Everyone knows it’s not really “Pride and Prejudice.”


[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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