Pop Style Opinionfest: Empire Strikes Back!

Posted on December 18, 2015

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Who’s ready for some Christmas Cookie?

Because for this week’s chatstravaganza, after we get done bragging about our Holiday party and after we try to sum up the past week’s worth of Star Wars-based red carpetry, which has been quite the whirlwind of fashion, after all THAT, darlings, we sit down for a chat with the costume designer of the hit FOX show, Empire, Paolo Nieddu. Who is, first off, a total doll, and secondly infectiously happy to talk about the show, the characters and the decisions he’s made to establish each of their distinct looks. It’s a fun little year-end look at the amazing work he’s been doing, fabulous examples of which you can see all the hell over this post. The man does incredible work. It’s not easy to create a modern fashion icon.



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[Photo Credit: Fox – Video Credit: CBS Radio/Play it, The Weinstein Company]

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