The Walking Dead: Always Accountable

Posted on November 16, 2015


Here is a post for you to discuss last night’s episode of “The Walking Dead.” We, for our parts, found it almost entirely unworthy of discussion since the entire hour was nothing more than filler foisted upon the viewership by a creative team that knows the next several seasons of the show are all but ensured and that the ratings for this juggernaut are not likely to decline in any great measure any time soon.  In other words, this was an episode constructed out of laziness and cockiness, offering nothing new to the viewer.

Are we being harsh? Maybe. But consider that these were the stories for the episode:

1. Abraham and Sasha have an extended conversation about the nature of life and hope. Abraham decides he wants both, in this deadly, depressing world.

2. Daryl meets some new people, who pull a gun on him and tie him up. He decides to be kind to them and trust them. They reward him by stealing his bike and weapon and abandoning him.

In other words, it was the 40th story about someone deciding they want to live and the 90th about someone realizing that people are assholes and you shouldn’t trust them.


Oh, and let’s not forget how it was peppered with people acting incredibly stupidly, even though they’ve managed to survive the first couple of years post-Zombie apocalypse. Honestly, we kind of cheered when the diabetic girl got killed just because she acted like such an idiot. The only reason we weren’t hoping to see Abraham get killed in that outrageously ill-advised attempt to secure a rocket launcher (!) is because we actually like the character. But that scene with Daryl acting like a summer camp counselor in an ’80s slasher flick almost made us want to see him get eaten, so badly and insultingly was it staged. We’re talking about the scene where ten yards separate him and a shambling walker, but he spends the whole time trying to open his duffel bag to get his crossbow out of it instead of, y’know, just trotting a few feet further away from it to either buy him some time or just pick up a sharp stick and kill him with it. It was such a naked attempt to generate tension and it failed spectacularly just because it was so obvious.

Anyway, have at it. We’ve really got nothing to say about it because everything in this episode had either been said before a dozen times over or it was setup for something further down the line. Talk amongst yourselves, because we thought it was so bad that it’s not really worth the effort. Sorry.


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