HFPA & InStyle Golden Globe Awards 2016 Celebration Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on November 18, 2015

Darlings, the official name of this party is “The Hollywood Foreign Press Association & InStyle Magazine Celebration of the 2016 Golden Globe Award Season.” Since they used up all the words just to come up with a name for this silly thing, we’re not going to overuse them to assess the red carpetry that came forth to partake.

Hit it, party people:


Sarah Hyland

Really great color and shape for her, but a big NO on the cutout.


Laura Prepon

Needs a belt and some bangles, at the very least.


Ian McKellen

An Empress does as she pleases.


Greer Grammer

It photographs well. We’ll give it that. Don’t love the hem, though. And we feel the shoes were a missed opportunity to tie it all together.


Jean Smart

It’s not a bad dress for her, although it does feel a little dated. The shoes and belt would’ve been better if they’d pulled out the red or darker blue of the dress. We’re not always big on matchy-match, but we think it would’ve helped here.


Trace Ellis Ross

Slaying in a white jumpsuit.


Maura Tierney

Leather dresses. They’re tools of the devil.


Jeremy Piven



Saoirse Ronan

Cute shape, but it looks a little small on her.


Gina Rodriguez



Sarah Silverman

Surprisingly pretty. Could’ve used a thin, subtle, loosely tied rope sash.


[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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