Rihanna in Marques’Almeida on “The Voice”

Posted on October 23, 2015

Rihanna makes an appearance on “The Voice.”


Rihanna-The-Voice-TV-Style-Fashion-Marques-Almeida-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (2)

Rihanna-The-Voice-TV-Style-Fashion-Marques-Almeida-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (3)

Rihanna-The-Voice-TV-Style-Fashion-Marques-Almeida-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (4)

We’ve been known to give Miss Ri a whole hell of a lot of room to express herself fashionistically, which is a word because we say it is and because it makes no sense that it isn’t a word, right? Anyway, we’ve always given her a pass on things we freely admit we’d criticize on others, but that’s because we think she’s one of those rare people whose looks, attitude and bearing allow her to express herself almost any way she wants, even walking the streets more or less naked, if she wants to. It’s not just because she’s gorgeous that she can make almost anything look good, although it’s certainly a big part of it. She’s just got that indefinable quality that allows her to get away with so much more than any mere mortal. And the longer she’s a star, the more she’s learning how to wield this quality and even direct it. She’s becoming more adventurous and showing more of a fashionista’s vocabulary and understanding of style. It’s been a joy to watch her develop this way.

But this shit is straight-up hideous. Girl, seriously? Burn it all.


Style Credits:
Marques’Almeida Denim Corset Top
Marques’Almeida Frayed Jeans from the Resort 2016 Collection
Manolo Blahnik Black Chaos Pearly Ankle-Wrap Sandal
Inez and Winoodh Pearl and Oxidized Silver Necklace
Gabriel Jacobs Airplane Necklace
Jennifer Fisher Gothic Letter Pendant Necklace
Jacquie Aiche Gemstone Shaker Anklet
Rolex Watch

[Photo Credit: NBC, openingceremony.us, neimanmarcus.com, et-a-porter.com]

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