Pop Style Opinionfest: Fear of a Red Carpet!

Posted on October 23, 2015

Pop-Style-Opinionfest-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-Project-Runway-Red-Carpet-10232015Halle Berry at the 74th Annual Academy Awards on March 24, 2002, at The Kodak Theater in Hollywood, California.

Kittens, we took the Project Runway red carpet challenge (results below) as an opportunity to discuss the importance and even a little of the history of the red carpet in fashion and entertainment (example above), something about which we know a little, if we do say so ourselves.

We also take some time to survey not only the TV landscape but the TV reviewing landscape and the ways in which we feel it’s changing. We take some time to talk about shows we haven’t reviewed much (or at all, in some cases), like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and its bizarre tonal problems, American Horror Story, and how it’s not only better than the utterly execrable Scream Queens, but also better than its own previous season, The Affair, with its honest portrait of scared, unhappy white people and Fargo, which is the first show since Mad Men to demonstrate so much depth that we were compelled to start analyzing its costumes for cues and clues.

During our TV discussion, we mentioned the following video by Vulture lead critic Matt Zoller Seitz about what it means to call a TV show “cinematic” and how that term is often overused. It’s a great little lesson, beautifully told and when we got off on a tangent about it, we promised we’d link to it for any listener who was curious.


So in other words, it’s exactly what we named the show: one big fat opinionfest that goes all over the place, as one would expect when you get two professional opinion-makers some microphones and coffee.


Enjoy, darlings! Thank you for your continued support. As always, you can download/subscribe to the podcast here. Share the love.



Project-Runway-Season-14-Episode-12-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (1)



Project-Runway-Season-14-Episode-12-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (2)



Project-Runway-Season-14-Episode-12-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (3)



Project-Runway-Season-14-Episode-12-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (4)

[Photo Credit: Getty Images, Lifetime – Video Credit: CBS Radio/Play it, enterprise.waywire.com]

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