Pop Style Opinionfest Podcast: Gawking at UNreal Sharks in Menswear!

Posted on July 23, 2015


Now THERE’S a graphic you probably never expected to see on this site. But darlings, as we may have noted once or twice this month, the pop culture landscape is a SPRAWLING DESERT OF NOTHINGNESS, from which we have had to carve out a series of opinions. Fortunately, we could probably form opinions in the middle of a raging fire or a plane crash. Not only did this week give us the horror/wonder known as Sharknado 3, but it also gave us the very first New York Men’s Fashion Week, AND Gawker Media had a deliciously entertaining meltdown after a not-so-deliciously entertaining violation of journalistic ethics (not to mention common fucking sense).

Now, any opinions we might form on Sharknado or men’s fashion would seem to be well within our areas of expertise (so to speak), but it was the Gawker thing that had us spewing judgment in all directions. We won’t give away why or how, but we managed to make l’Affaire Gawker entirely about… us. It’s a real feat. You should listen. Especially since you probably haven’t heard the word “schadenfreude” used so many times in a conversation. It gets a little “inside baseball” on the whole blogging thing as a business, but that’s exactly why we think we have some points worth considering, since so much of the commentary surrounding Gawker is being written by journalists instead of independent bloggers.

And if THAT wasn’t enough, we also (SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE) got a chance to sit down with the sharply funny and talented SHIRI APPLEBY, star of Lifetime’s surprise hit, UNreal:


We had a fabulous little convo about the nature of reality TV and the rewards of being an actress who gets to play an extremely complicated (and fucked up) character that the audience still wants to like. We’ve interviewed a fair number of actors over the years and you can tell when you’re listening to one who really lives and breathes her character. They always make for great interviews and Shiri’s one of them.

Seriously, get caught up on UNreal. It’s delicious summer fun but it’s also surprisingly complex and dark.


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[Photo Credit: SyFy & Lifetime – Podcast Credit: CBS Radio/Play.It]

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