Pop Style Opinionfest Podcast: Batfleck, Bangles and Burqas!

Posted on July 30, 2015

Pop Style Opinionfest Podcast 8 1 2015


“I think all her kids are going to turn out like assholes, but they won’t be dysfunctional little assholes.”

And we’re off! And no, that quote above is not about the Affleck/Garner family, but part of a broader conversation about children of celebrities (“Mamie is the one who looks like Meryl’s clone, but Gracie is the one with the great hair.“). Yes, the opinions are flying fast and furious this week and we were all over the map once again. From the #BeMeorDoMe-ism of the Affleck nanny scandal to the extreme tragedy of Bobbi Kristina Brown, to the delirious news that Cindy Crawford is developing a TV drama set in the supermodel world of the 1980s, we have OPINIONS and we are not afraid to share them. In addition, we take more of your questions about all things style-related, from the definition of “twee” to the importance of accessories. PLUS, we utter the line “Look at this plastic bitch. Sit down and shut up!”  But you’ll have to listen to find out who and why.


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[Photo Credit: INFPHoto.com – Video Credit: CBS Local Media/Play.It]

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