Pop Style OpinionFest Podcast: T Lo are Feeling Queer All of a Sudden!

Posted on June 12, 2015

PopStyle-OpinionFest-Podcast-6-12-2015-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO-Sense8Max Riemelt in Netflix’s ”Sense8″

Darlings, life did a little kicking of our asses last week and unfortunately, we didn’t get a podcast out to y’all. We were gratified, however, when many of you had tiny little meltdowns and said you couldn’t carry on with your lives if a week went by without hearing our cartoon voices. Poor little dears. Fortunately for you, we couldn’t go on another moment without barking our opinions into a pair of microphones. This week, we finally give our thoughts on:

* The Rupaul’s Drag Race finale and whether or not we can accept Ru’s choice this year.

* Caitlyn Jenner’s unveiling and why you need to put her in context as a transgender figurehead or role model.

* The Tony’s Red Carpet and why Anna Wintour should have just kept her mouth shut about it.


* Penny Dreadful and why Lorenzo thinks OMG YOU SHOULD TOTALLY BE WATCHING IT.

* Various and sundry other matters of great import.

* Also, Miss Miu Miu meows her support and disagreement several times because we raised our daughter right.


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[Photo Credit:  Murray Close/Netflix – Podcast Credit: CBS Radio]

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