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Posted on April 10, 2015

Bitter-Kittens-Dot-Com-Watching-4-10-2015-Tom-LOrenzo-Site-TLOKittens just can’t get enough of “Wolf Hall.”


Mad Men, Mad Style, a bunch of related press interviews, a podcast, and one college lecture, plus the fact that it’s April and the celebustyle pickings are slim, have all combined this week to leave our Kittens with slightly fewer posts than normal. We’re playing catchup, darlings. But in the mean time, you all seem quite willing and able to start your own conversations and spew your own opinions over at the Bitter Kitten forums. Bless your hearts.

To wit:

Who’s excited for Wolf Hall on Masterpiece?

The Golden Girls

Mad Men: The Forever Files


RuPaul’s Drag Race

Celebrity Brunch Club

Met Museum NYC- hundreds of catalogs/books for free download

Fresh Off the Boat

Help me pick a dress?

‘If John Cho were your boyfriend’

Dinner Party Ideas?

Marvel Agents of SHIELD 4/7 (SPOILERS)

What makes a good shoe?

Game of Thrones Kittens?

Songs that ALWAYS make you stop scanning the radio dial

Rom-coms-a Rant

What’s your least favorite commercial?

Vocabulary Power – favourite words

Any EASY hair styles for little girls?

Let’s All Be Shoe Stylists!

Doctor Who

Lip Sync Battle: My newest guilty pleasure

Deaf/Hard of Hearing – The need for Captions or Transcriptions

International Movies: Embracing the Subtitle!

Classic TV Show Reruns

What’s in Your Purse? Inspired by Taylor Swift’s Barbie Hand ;-p

Justified: I’ve been called a lot of things, but inarticulate ain’t one of them


Fortitude – Any one else watching?

Outlander – the book series


Chatty kittens! Once again, darlings, if you’re not joining in, you’re missing out.


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