Pop Style Opinionfest Podcast with Mad Men’s Janie Bryant

Posted on April 03, 2015


That’s right, you read that correctly, darlings. For this weeks Pop Style Opinionfest podcast, we landed the interview of our dreams and got to spend almost an entire hour picking the brain of Mad Men‘s insanely talented and prolific costume designer, the Emmy Award winning Janie Bryant. As anyone who’s read us for any length of time should know by now, we’re just a leeeeeetle bit obsessed with her work. She was an utter joy to talk to and she graciously put up with all our nerdy questions.

And for you RuPaul’s Drag Race fans, there’s a good 15-minute recap of this week’s episode in which the timely and on-point lament “These bitches ain’t funny” is uttered.

Jump in, darlings!


[Photo Credit: Elisabeth Caren/Courtesy of Janie Bryant]

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