Kate Bosworth in New York City

Posted on April 16, 2015

Professional sidewalk model Kate Bosworth is on the job once again. Let’s take a look at what she’s selling today, shall we?


Kate-Bosworth-GOTSNYC-Matisse-Suno-Street-Style-Tom-LOrenzo-Site-TLO (1)Kate Bosworth is spotted out and about in a Suno cutout-waist dress paired with Zanzan sunglasses, a Mark Cross bag, and Kate Bosworth X Matisse booties.

Kate-Bosworth-GOTSNYC-Matisse-Suno-Street-Style-Tom-LOrenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Kate-Bosworth-GOTSNYC-Matisse-Suno-Street-Style-Tom-LOrenzo-Site-TLO-(2B)Zanzan Avida Dollars Sunglasses | Mark Cross Grace Smooth Calfskin Box Trunk | Matisse X Kate Bosworth ‘Charlotte’ Zip Star Studded Bootie

Kate-Bosworth-GOTSNYC-Matisse-Suno-Street-Style-Tom-LOrenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Kate-Bosworth-GOTSNYC-Matisse-Suno-Street-Style-Tom-LOrenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Kate-Bosworth-GOTSNYC-Matisse-Suno-Street-Style-Tom-LOrenzo-Site-TLO (5)


The boot-and-bag combo is just a little too precious for our tastes, but since this is a fashion show and not real life, we can begrudgingly allow for some over-styling. To be honest, we’d have advised her not to wear the boots at all, since they’re kinda hiddy, but that’s why we’re not professional stylists. Because we WILL say to Kate Bosworth, “Kate Bosworth? Those Matisse X Kate Bosworth ‘Charlotte’ Zip Star Studded Booties are pretty terrible, Kate Bosworth.”

We dig the dress, although we wonder if it’s FSMO – For Sidewalk Models Only.

[Photo Credit: Dara Kushner/INFphoto.com, nordstrom.com, shopbop.com, revolveclothing.com]

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