What Are the Bitter Kittens Chatting About?

Posted on March 31, 2015


Kittens just won’t shut up about “Call the Midwife.”

Y’know, we’re really glad you asked that question, darlings. You might have noticed that our site has been having some fairly annoying technical issues today, which is making it difficult, if not impossible for us to get our opinions out into the world, where they can thrive and grow. Fortunately, our ever-expanding Oprah-like entertainment empire means you have options while we suffer a little down time. You can always buy our book or go listen to our brand spanking new podcast, of course. But there’s also the option of checking out the BKs, who always have something to say about something.

Here are some of the somethings the Bitter Kittens have something to say about:

Easter Food Traditions

Why Do Tech Problems Make Me A Special Kind of Crazy?

How do you mop your floors?

Wedding and shower presents- how much $$$?

RuPaul’s Drag Race

Call the Midwife

What is making you Happy today?

Retin A, too dry skin, make up issues!

Candy , Tell the Truth

Sweet Valley High

Alzheimer’s – Need some advice/help/shoulder to cry on

Best Side Eye / Eye Rolls

Figure Skating

Best time / Mind Saving tips

Fantasy High Life (no, not that kind of high)

Anyone care to comment on the Jon Stewart placement, Trevor Noah?

Pride and Prejudice

GD vacuum cleaners

Pregnant Skin Care

The Fran Lebowitz interview (condemning yoga pants, men wearing shorts, and bicycle helmets)

TLO book — is the “casting couch” really *that* prevalent?

Better Call Saul Ep. 9 “Pimento” [SPOILERS] We need to get ready.

Help Bridesmaid issue


Romance Novel Lovers

Paper dolls you can color

Top Gear UK version

Perfume Whoooores, Unite!

Plus Size Jeans

Historical Fiction


As you can see, those Kittens’ll just go on and on about anything that strikes them. You better go over there and tell them exactly what you think. Opinion-expressing is good for the pores and the digestion.

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