Pretty Woman Style

Posted on March 27, 2015


Darlings, the lovely folks over at The Slice asked us to unleash our “Mad Style”-like OCD on the costumes of Pretty Woman, in observance of the film’s 25th anniversary. And you know what? We had a ball doing it.

A sampling:


“Once Edward decides to spend the night with her, he must first cover her lower-class clothes up with something appropriately gray and colorless so that she will fit in at the Regent Beverly Wilshire, where practically everyone in the lobby is wearing gray. Note the older woman’s gloves. Gloves will be used throughout the film to signal upper-class, refined femininity.

In Edward’s room, we see Vivian’s outfit under decent lighting conditions for the first time, and the shoddiness of her clothing is unmistakable. We also notice the abundance of cheap jewelry. Stylistically, her costume has more to do with 1980s street fashions (the tight mini, boots and jewelry), which plays into the film’s unstated theme that lower-class people are not as “advanced” as those in the upper classes. The women in the background of Edward’s parties and meetings dress in the breezy, boxy, broad-shouldered, monochromatic styles of the early 1990s, while Vivian looks like a backup singer in a trashy music video from five or six years before. Her oversized jacket, cap and stacked bracelets are reminiscent of Madonna inDesperately Seeking Susan.”

Now. Don’t you want to go over there and read the whole thing? Of course you do.


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