Lena Dunham in Saint Laurent on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”

Posted on March 10, 2015

Okay, there was some kitten konsternation over the fact that we praised yesterday’s Lena look. Yes, it’s true that we grade her on a curve. How can we not? With certain people, the likelihood of them making a style turnaround is so slim that you take your little victories where you can get them. We can definitely understand why some might want to take a harder line with her than we do, though.

But can we at least all agree that this looks pretty great on her?

Lena-Dunham-The-Elle-Degeneres-Show-TV-Style-Saint-Laurent-Tom-LOrenzo-SIte-TLO (1)“Girls” actress Lena Dunham makes an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in a Saint Laurent dress paired with Biona Castana shoes.

Lena-Dunham-The-Elle-Degeneres-Show-TV-Style-Saint-Laurent-Tom-LOrenzo-SIte-TLO (2)

Lena-Dunham-The-Elle-Degeneres-Show-TV-Style-Saint-Laurent-Tom-LOrenzo-SIte-TLO (3)Saint Laurent Spring 2015 Collection

Lena-Dunham-The-Elle-Degeneres-Show-TV-Style-Saint-Laurent-Tom-LOrenzo-SIte-TLO-(3B)Bionda Castana “Lana’ Pump

Lena-Dunham-The-Elle-Degeneres-Show-TV-Style-Saint-Laurent-Tom-LOrenzo-SIte-TLO (4)

It’s adorable! It fits her well! It’s got color and sass and style to it! She paired it with appropriate footwear!

Kittens, as always, are free to disagree, but we’d rank this as a Personal Best. And you can tell she loves the way she looks. You never see her “present” herself that way to the public.



[Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros., IMAXTree, Bionda Castana]

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