What are the Bitter Kittens Chatting About?

Posted on February 14, 2015

pras4-ep13-episode4We may have skipped “Project Runway All-Stars” but the BKs won’t shut up about it.


Darlings, a week out from launch and we’re ready to call the Bitter Kittens forums a bigger success than we ever could have imagined. Nearly 2000 kittens have registered and started over 140 discussions yielding almost 4000 comments. That’s the equivalent of a new T LOunge post every 16 hours or so for a week straight. If you haven’t joined the conversation, well darlings, you are missing out. Here’s what the Kittens have been chewing on the most in the past week:

In the TV & Film forum, Project Runway All-Stars is being fiercely debated, as is the premiere of Better Call Saul and the news that Jon Stewart is exiting The Daily Show. Kittens are looking forward to the new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and also finding out that a whole lot of their fellow Kittens are huge fans of The Great British Baking Show and absolutely LOVE to trash Say Yes to the Dress. Also: many Kittens are struggling with that age-old question: When is it time to break up with a show you don’t love anymore?

Meanwhile, in the T LOunge, our all-purpose community forum, Kittens are sharing pics! Either of their adorable pets or of gorgeous half-naked men, confirming everything we surmised about you dirty little cat ladies. There are also ghost stories being told and advice being asked on everything from wedding planning to job interviews to navigating a breakup. It’s truly a community in every sense of the word.

In the Fashion & Beauty forum, stylish Kittens are asking each other about their , the best winter shoes, tips for the curly-haired, and eye cream recommendations.

In the Books & Music forum, Opinionated Kittens are asking what concerts are on your bucket lists, which books you’d recommend and which books you’d go out of your way to tell people to avoid. And trashing “50 Shades of Grey,” bien sûr.

And Crafty Kittens are in the Food, Decor & Crafts forum chatting up everything from good workday breakfasts to the pros and cons of Pinterest to their passion for knitting and their favorite food blogs.

Darlings, in one week, it’s become the fabulous, friendly, erudite cocktail party we knew it could be. If you’re not joining in, you’re missing out.

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