Sleepy Hollow: What Lies Beneath

Posted on February 10, 2015

Sleepy-Hollow-Season-2-Episode-16-Television-Series-Review-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLOTom Mison and Steven Weber in FOX’s “Sleepy Hollow”


Sleepy Hollow, we owe you an apology.

No, we’re not going to take back all our complaints and criticisms of the past season, nor are we going to proclaim this episode the answer to all our prayers, but it was the first episode since Franklinstein’s monster graced our screens that we felt like we were watching the show we first fell in love with. A magic hologram of Thomas Jefferson? SOLD. An actual mission for our heroes instead of a series of unrelated cases? We’re THERE. A mystery based in colonial history and the secret pacts of the Founding Fathers? HALLELU. The possibility of Katrina having a personality injected into her? SIGN US UP.

Was it perfect? No, it was far too boring an episode. This may have been a return to form for the show, but it illustrated the one problem the show tends to have even when it’s hitting on all cylinders: it’s way too talky at times. And certainly the “There’s two Franks inside me!” revelation struck us as too goofy even for this show. But it had a focus most of the latter episodes have been lacking, and the promise of an evil Katrina and a set of witnesses even more committed to their roles than before have us salivating for the remaining episodes, a prospect we never could have predicted before last night.

So why do we owe the show an apology? Because it gave us most of what we’ve been whining for all season long, and because we’re awash in Grammys, BAFTAs and Image Awards coverage right now (and packing for New York Fashion Week), this is about all we can manage in terms of a review.

We’ll do better next week, Sleepy Hollow. But to be fair, you shouldn’t have waited until now to please us.


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