Sleepy Hollow: Spellcaster

Posted on February 03, 2015


Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison in FOX’s “Sleepy Hollow.”

Katrina! She is utterly the most fascinating character of all time! Now her eyes can turn white and she can kill flowers with her mind! We just can’t get enough of that crazy b witch!

But before we rant about that, let’s just point out that the chemistry is back and that’s a good thing. We’re back to Ichabod and Abbie being the center of the story and bouncing off each other. Any scene with just the two of them discussing their latest case and weighing the options is a thousand times better than any scene of Katrina staring really hard at a flower.

Unfortunately, we’re also back to Evil Henry and Soulless Frank, and while we wouldn’t have wanted to see either of these storylines dropped without some form of conclusion, we can’t say we’re thrilled that this appears to be the direction for the rest of the season. The first half of the season was taken over by Crane family drama and we’d just as soon have seen the end of it. But now Katrina’s flirting with the Dark Side (as we all knew she would) and Henry’s planted his flag firmly there, which means it’s all about waiting for Ichabod to catch up and realize his wife and son are a lost cause. At least we hope that’s what’s going to happen. Please God, don’t let them drag out this drama any longer than it has to be. Set Katrina up as the Big Bad with Henry and Abraham as her lieutenants. That would actually mean something to the characters and have some sort of emotional resonance. If we must have a Katrina, then let it be a Katrina who’s scary, powerful, and evil. Because the whispery, wimpy powerless version of the character is killing this show slowly.

As for Henry, well… John Noble plays eeeeeevil so well that we could find ourselves getting behind his return, so long as he has an actual plan and takes action every once in a while. It was nice to see him kill those thugs, if only because it makes a lovely change of pace from all those scenes of him standing around and giving speeches to empty rooms about his plans. Action is what this show needs most, now that the character relationships have been sorted out. Seeing Katrina and Henry doing a little magical ass-kicking does a lot to make them more interesting to the audience. So: No more speeches from Henry and no more whispering from Katrina. Spells and ass-kicking. That’s what they’re for. More of that, please.

Also: we get the sense that the scene with Ichabod looking at a house to buy is a setup for the emotional crash to come. He’s making plans for his life and that’s never a good thing in a story like this; especially when the character’s evil son and semi-evil wife are running around in the background. No, it looks like Ichabod is on track to suffer some major losses down the road. This strikes us as the right way to go, so long as they don’t drag it out. Once Ichabod is free of any illusions about his family, you could take that character practically anywhere.

Kind of a shame about Solomon Kent. He could’ve made a decent long-term Big Bad for the story. Granted, adding the Salem Witch Trials to the show’s already heavy mythology might be weakening it a bit, but at least it was a story rooted in American colonial history (and the Crane family, of course), unlike that totally random Indian statue of last week.

So it wasn’t what we’d call a perfect episode. It got pretty boring at parts, and seemed to be trodding a lot of ground already covered, but we’re seeing where it’s headed and we’re just blindly optimistic enough that it might all work if it’s handled correctly. As long as the creators of this show understand that Ichabod and Abbie are the very center of the story and everything else must come second to their mission and relationship.

And does anyone really believe that Moloch is gone for good?

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