First Image of Jason Momoa as Aquaman

Posted on February 20, 2015

Because it’s Friday and you need a man. And also because we’re nerdy. Director Zack Znyder tweeted out this shot of Jason Momoa in costume as Aquaman for the upcoming Batman v. Superman film:


He’s slated to go on to play the character in the upcoming Justice League and Aquaman movies as well.

Honestly? We think that looks pretty great. Granted, we don’t understand how one gets tattoos or wears leather underwater but this is exactly the kind of image we imagined when his casting was announced. It may not be the Aquaman you remember from The SuperFriends, but before you rush to make all the DothrAqua jokes, be aware that this costume didn’t just come out of nowhere. It’s based on a look the comic version sported for a good decade or so:

And while we’re not a huge fan of armored superhero costumes, the fact of the matter is, the classic orange fish-scale shirt would have been laughed off the screen. And anything that reduces the Anglo quotient of the Justice League roster can only be seen as a good thing. We don’t need yet another square-jawed white guy in the lineup. This is true to the character’s history while feeling a little more modern and badass.

And it’s hot, so there’s that.



[Photo Credit: Twitter/@ZackSnyder, DC Comics]

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